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Sparkl -is a new type of social platform with various features and diverse set of tools for communication. You can place on its pages photos, videos, text messages or a link to your favorite page on the network. Just write what you think, share fun, joyful or sad impressions of the moments of your life, tell your friends, family and acquaintances about everything that is happening around you, make new friends, communicate with interesting people, unite with like-minded people and discuss with opponents.

By choosing a degree of privacy keep a diary for yourself or open it for your friends, imprint with a mobile devices minor for others but important for you and your family moments of your daily life. Or keep a diary for all so that everyone can see the world and every day in it through your eyes.

At the moment, the project operates in beta-version and performs only the most basic functions, so sometimes something can go wrong, but we try very hard and work hard to eliminate all errors and to extend the functionality.